About Monica.

In 2015, while at a routine physical, my doctor stated that my weight and height put me in the category of OBESE! WTF! It felt like a slap in the face. I knew I was overweight, but obese?

Then he showed me exactly where I was on the chart. He ordered the routine labs and sent me on my way with no guidance or recommendations for improvement. Feeling tired and uncomfortable in my own body, I decided it was time to do something about my weight. I had gotten accustomed to feeling sluggish. I experienced minor discomfort after eating certain things. I thought to myself it must be a sign of getting older. I desperately wanted to gain my energy and vitality back. Heck yes, I wanted my sexy back. I took to my traditional approach, one that had worked for me time and time again. I worked out hard, went on a strict diet and deprived myself of the things I grew up on and enjoyed. I began to see the weight come off and little by little I felt stronger and healthier.

What I didn’t realize was that this deprivation approach wasn’t sustainable for me.

I soon realized that what I had done before wasn’t working for me long term. Sure enough, the deprivation and the insane workouts led me to burn out quickly.

Slowly, but surely, I went back to my familiar eating patterns, it was inevitable.

Sound familiar?

I Stand For

a world where anyone can achieve a healthy life.

This restrictive approach is the reason so many people who go on a diet, lose the weight and eventually give up and gain the weight back. I took my health back by focusing on more than the food and workouts.

I learned how the food I was eating was affecting my body, how my lifestyle was playing a huge role in my overall health and how everything I thought I knew about nutrition was wrong. This journey allowed me to finally heal my body.

Now, I maintain a healthy weight through proper nourishment, keep fit by focusing on movement that I enjoy and dedicate time to cultivating a powerful mindset.